Company Policies

All seafarers recruited by Seafarer Solutions are required to respect, support and contribute to the effective implementation of our policies.

Safety and Quality Policy

Our main goals are:

  • to provide high quality services for all our clients, being  at their disposition 24/7
  • to create the best setup for our seafarers in order to best manage their careers
  • to maintain a safe work environment for all seafarers that choose to work with us, concentrated on continuous training

In order to meet these goals we are very serious and exigent in the recruitment and selection process of our seafarers, we maintain a dynamic and large database to best cover all our clients’ needs, we keep a close eye on all our seafarers’ training and health condition and we carefully analyze all feedback from the vessels (evaluations, etc.).

Our company is committed to helping our seafarers achieve their aspirations and to find the best working places for them, promoting the loyalty toward our clients, by re-employing them on board of the same vessels if desired and by creating advancement opportunities for them.

Environmental Protection Policy

A clean environment is of paramount importance for our company, our clients, our seafarers and our World. We aim to educate all crew members to comply will all local and international regulations as regarding avoiding, preventing and fighting against all kind of pollution in order to maintain a clean and safe environment. Specific training for pollution avoidance is a must for all our seafarers.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Our company’s Alcohol and Drugs Policy forbids any consumption of any kind of drugs for all personnel. Alcohol consumption on board of vessels is strictly regulated according to each ship-owner’s rules and regulations. Alcohol abuse in general is discouraged as a rule. Alcohol and drug tests are mandatory for all seafarers before each embarkation.

Application form

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