Selection and

  • All seafarers that want to work with our company must complete our Application form providing information about, and not limited to, their educational qualifications and experience on board (for the last up to 10 years, depending on the position);
  • All seafarers are thoroughly screened and interviewed, concentrating on their work experience, people skills, motivation and seriousness;
  • In accordance with our clients demands and needs and in order to establish the correct choosing of the right person for the right job, interviews and briefings can be scheduled in our office;
  • We present clear information to all seafarers about their professional rights, obligations and responsibilities during the contract period.


  • Assistance and checking process for all documents needed by seafarers in connection with a work assignment.
  • All our seafarers are required to obtain the appropriate certificates, depending on the position on board.
  • We provide seafarers’ assistance for preparing, processing and obtaining all necessary travel documents.


  • All seafarers are required to obtain the medical certifications in accordance with the legal provisions and the client’s special requests, if any;
  • Also, a pre-embarkation medical check-up (physical and alcohol & drug tests) is made by an accredited clinic a few days before departure in order to obtain the “fit to work” for sea duty stamp.

Traveling and

  • We can organize internal and international transportation of any kind: air, road, railway, etc
  • We are working with one of the best travelling agencies in Romania, having the best quotations for seafarers’ airplane tickets.


  • We have the expertise to organize any kind of events – trainings, social events, etc. depending on our clients’ needs

Application form

To apply for a position, submit your CV by filling out our application form
and submitting it by e-mail to

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Address: 85 Matei Basarab Street, Bl. L119, ap. 3, 3rd District, Bucharest, Romania

Working hours

Monday - Friday 10:00 - 19:00 (GMT +2)